Ashtadhatu Laddu Gopal


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Ashtadhatu Laddu Gopal or Bal Gopal or Bal Krishna Idol 

made by originale Ashta-Dhatu or Eight Metals, It is an alloy which is used in the formation of Hindu and Jain statues. The eight metals that are manufactured in it are – Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Iron, and Mercury (Ras). And the quantity of all the Metals should be the same, that is  12.5% each.

Note: Since AshtaDhatu making process is a long and time taking process. The commencement of work in proper Muhurta / Yog. and the actual Sanskarit Parada is the part of this process. It takes about 3-5 months to manufacture Ashtadhatu. Due to this, patience is necessary to get real material for a customer  

Country of Origin : INDIA

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Rate : 2,200/Gm

Weight : 110 – 120 Gm *

Height : 2 Inch *

Material : Ashta-Dhatu **

Country of Origin : INDIA

*Ashta-Dhatu consists of Very Heavy Metals eg. Gold, Mercury, Lead ,Tin. So the item is also very heavy related to size.
**Product is made up of Pure Ashta-Dhatu 100% synthesized in our Lab. Its not a part of any antique Asht-Dhatu Idol.

made in india
Weight 110 g


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