Parad Gutika

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Parad Gutika
This beads prepared with Asta Sansakra purification methods described in scriptures.

Ashta-Sanskarit Parad Gutika helps to create positive energy / aura chakra of the wearer. 
Ashta-Sanskarit Parad Gutika / Beads protects human beings from various mental stress, physical ailments, and evil vibes.

made in india
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10 gm, 20 gm, 5 gm

4 reviews for Parad Gutika

  1. Srinivash B.

    Nice product!

  2. Dr. Manish

    I tested this Gutika with milk and it got passed the test. Orignal Product.
    worth buying.

  3. Sachin Verma

    We got good results from this product. Must buy…..

  4. Nand Pratap

    Parad Gutika is very nice. I am already having few parad gutika with me from reputed brand. But your one is outstanding.
    Thanks for this. 🙂

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