Parad Gutika

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Parad Gutika

This beads prepared with Asta Sansakra purification methods described in scriptures.

Ashta-Sanskarit Parad Gutika helps to create positive energy / aura chakra of the wearer. 
Ashta-Sanskarit Parad Gutika protects human beings from various mental stress, physical ailments, and evil vibes.

Orignal Parad Gutika also known as Mercury Gutikas / Mercury Beads or Siddh Parad Gutika.

Parad Gutika Benefits

  • Protect from negativities and negative energies.
  • Improve Confidence.
  • It is also used at the main door of home or shop to protect from any negative energy entry in the premises .
  • Protection from evil eyes and other evil things. and many more ..
made in india
Weight N/A

10 gm, 20 gm, 5 gm

3 reviews for Parad Gutika

  1. Srinivash B.

    Nice product!

  2. Dr. Manish

    I tested this Gutika with milk and it got passed the test. Orignal Product.
    worth buying.

  3. Sachin Verma

    We got good results from this product. Must buy…..

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