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Navapashanam Gutika or its Benefits

It is an alchemical combination formulated more than 5,000 years ago by Sant Bogar.

This is an amalgam of nine poisonous herbs. Using a closely guarded ancient secret formula. And made into a phenomenal alchemical bead. Possess powerful energies excellent for the physical body after wearing it or drinking the water.


Saint Bogar himself built a Deity and established it in Palani murugan temple (lord murugan) at palani hill, Tamil Nadu (South India). This is also known as Palani Murugan Temple. Where people are taking advantage of its divine qualities for centuries.


It contains the combination of 9 Stons. Mixed nine poisons together will become this precious amalgam. ( Pink rhinestone, Lajvart, ruby, pearl, celadon, sapphire stone, sulfur copper rhinestone and organic copper bhasma).
It helps to increase will power and awakening of Kundalini Shakti. It also protects from negative energy and many more. 
Navapashanam uses 
  • Lingam – For worship and positive energy. Best for Home/ offices / business areas.
  • Rosary – Best for chanting or wearing during any worship / Anushthan / Sadhna
  • Navapashanam Rasamani or  Beads is also known as Bogar Rasamani
  • Bowl – to sotre water and can be used and known as navapashanam medicine also.
  • Navapashanam Status or navapashanam idol such as Navapashanam Murugan Statues, Navapashanam Bogar Statues etc – For worship and positive energy. Best for Home/ offices / business areas.

Benefits of Navapashanam :

  • It is very powerful and energetic. All the benefits of the above 9 gems are absorbed in this combination.
  • It helps to remove all the defects of the Navagraha and provides full positive energy.
  • It increases spiritual energy and vibrates the chakras. This leads to awakening of Kundalini.
  • The use of any Tantra mantra or black magic does not work due to wearing it. It provides complete security.
  • According to the Goraksha Sanhita, it is used to remove Mangal Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Kaal DMK Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosh and many defects.
  • By wearing it, you get full positive energy, intense brain, healthy body.
  • It is particularly fruitful in spiritual practice and attains desires and success.
and many more ….
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7 reviews for Navapashanam Beads

  1. Hemraj

    Nice and original products.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Pankaj Kumar

    I am writing this review after 1 month of uses NavPashanam Gutika 20 gms. I felt spiritual changes in my life along with getting good opportunities in wealth as well. I can feel the changes surrounding me after wearing this.
    Thanks DhumraGems for this real and effective product.

  3. Prashanth

    Writing review after using it from last 6 months,
    1. feeling positive vibes surrounding me
    2. While doing pray I can feel the changes of dhyanam.
    3. Nowadays the colour of gutika has become more dark green and become more smoother. I talked to seller, according to them its normal process.

    It’s worth buying product.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Amit Gupta

    original ane good product
    authentic place to buy an navapashanam
    Must buy this one

  5. V H Kathigeyan

    Original product and great customer service. I have purchased few Navapasanam Gutika and Parad Gutika as well. Received good quality products and their team especially Mr Kapil and Mr Sachindra are quite compassionate about the Job / Service they render and where very cooperative during the entire transaction and are absolutely knowledgeable about the processes involved in making them. Iam quite satisfied and will surely be buying more products in near future

  6. G. Magesh

    Gutika is Good

  7. Sanjay


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